Today’s eyeglass frame are so much sleeker and more fashionable than in the past. The thick, rounded frames of yesteryear didn’t work well with bold eye makeup because the frames and makeuptipsbeautyfashion3-300x291the makeup competed with one another. With today’s modern, barely visible frames, the trick to creating eye-catching eye makeup is to make the colors pop. You have to be a little bolder than those who don’t wear glasses when it comes to choosing your eyeshadow shade, your eyeliner, and your mascara.

You should feel blessed to live in a time where there are so many cute glasses available and geek is somehow chic. So, the next time you’re getting ready and you go to reach for your contacts, don’t! Black liner or shadow can be too heavy for most girls with glasses, but a sparkly navy or a deep burgundy liner, is warmer and makes everyone look good, no matter what skin tone or hair color you have. These hues give enough power and definition, all while brightening up your eyes and giving you a cool, on-trend look.

Just because you’re wearing glasses, doesn’t mean you can’t rock the sultry smokey eye! This is especially true with the large frames that are in style now. Just start with a medium-light base color all over your lids, a slightly darker shade in your crease, a super light one under your eyebrows, and the darkest color on the outer corner of your eyes. Then, just use a kohl eyeliner to line all the way around your eyes, and apply your favorite volumizing mascara! This look works with your frames to emphasize your pretty peepers. Also: well-groomed eyebrows are incredibly important since glasses automatically draw attention to that area.

Finally, make sure you take care of the areas just above and just below your eyes. That means trimming and shaping your eyebrows and using a good concealer to hide the circles under your eyes. Your frames are not going to completely hide either one unless they’re incredibly thick, so no slacking allowed!

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