Price: 31.00 USD

Resultime Smoothing Resurfacing Mask is a luxurious facial treatment for all ages and skin types.

Offering a second skin effect using a blend of Ceramides and Micro Collagen, Smoothing Resurfacing Mask smoothes, repairs and protects the skin both at surface level and deep into the heart of the skin cells.

Microspheres of Ceramides work with Cutaneous Enzymes to target specific dry areas and deeply hydrate and restructure the skin whilst the multi-tasking, Paraben free formula works to smooth, hydrate and protect.

Delivering instant and visible results, Smoothing Resurfacing Mask has a smooth and creamy consistency and a delicious fragrance which entices the senses. Smoothing Resurfacing Mask is suitable for all skin types and leaves the skin smooth, plump, firm and radiant.

Tip: Before rinsing off the mask, energise the skin by penetrating the mask with lifting massage movements.

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