03-1483436033-almondoilRemoving your makeup every day before you go to bed is one of the commandments of good skin care and beauty. Not all of us want to invest in a makeup remover. And that is why you should use natural makeup removers instead that are easy to find in your home.If you don't make sure to remove your makeup before you go to bed, you could be inviting a lot of problems to your skin. So, it is always best to not be lazy with makeup removal and always remember to remove your makeup before you go to bed.

If nothing else, keep a pack of baby wipes next to your bed if you are indeed too lazy or tired to do it someday.03-1483436043-coconutoil

Not removing your makeup can lead to a lot of skin problems like enlarged pores, blackheads and, of course, the much-dreaded pimples and acne. It can even age your skin faster. Now are you convinced that you must remove your makeup every night?

Nobody wants all these skin problems unnecessarily, especially if one little step can help you avoid them. So, here's a list of natural makeup removers for you that you could easily find from your kitchens!

Coconut Oil

Everyone has been raving about just how well this works as a makeup remover. This is actually one of the best natural makeup removers out there.

Baby Oil

If it's good enough to be used on babies, it's definitely good for you as well, isn't it? The vitamin E in it makes it really good for the skin as well.

Olive Oil

This is another oil that has vitamin E in it and is really good for the skin. Just put some on a cotton ball and it will easily remove your makeup.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is really good for skin and wouldn't even clog your pores. This can even help you remove your eye makeup easily. This ingredient to remove makeup is by far the most preferred as well.

Vitamin E oil

Burst some vitamin E capsules and use the oil from these to remove your makeup. This is really good to remove eye makeup, as the vitamin E helps keep the under-eye area nourished.


Yogurt helps cleanse the skin and also removes any dirt or impurities (which the makeup leaves behind), without stealing away the moisture from the skin.

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